To make an appointment, please call 951-520-7151 during business hours (9am - 5pm).

You may also email us and we will call you back during business hours to schedule your appointment. Doctor's hours are by appointment, and are usually available 9-5, Monday through Saturday. We are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Since Dr. Moser and Dr. LeClair can't be in two places at once, in the rare event that she is unavailable, she will refer you to another qualified vet or the nearest hospital. 

Appointment Policies

As veterinarians, we commit to my clients that: 


- We will provide evidence based medicine and I will explain as much (or as little) of                     

  my diagnosis and treatment as you wish. 


- We will arrive on time (30 minute appointment window), or will call as soon as

  possible if I am running late. At your request, we will call you when about 30

  minutes from your appointment to facilitate your preparedness. 


- We will return your calls promptly (within the business day if not urgent). Please

  call our main number 951-520-7151. Emergency calls will be returned as quickly

  as possible. 


- We will answer your questions and address your concerns to the best of my ability.


- We will be friendly, positive, and helpful. 


- We will devote my full attention to you and your horse during the appointment and will answer your questions completely before leaving. 


- We will refer any cases which need diagnostic or therapeutic options we cannot

  readily provide to the facility of your choice which can provide them. 


- At your request, we will provide prescriptions to the legal, licensed pharmacy of

  your choice, if you wish to purchase medications from other suppliers. 


As a client, you will facilitate a better veterinary experience by: 


- Providing contact information including accurate telephone numbers where you can

  be reached during the day of your appointment, and an accurate address for the

  location of your horse. 


- Having a written list of symptoms, questions, and/or concerns so we don’t forget



- Having things ready at the appointment time:

         - Gates open on driveways 

         - Loose animals (including dogs) put in their pens or in the house 

         - Horses in stalls or otherwise immediately catchable with halters and lead

           ropes immediately available 

         - Wearing closed shoes and, if appropriate, gloves 

         - We reserve the right to charge our hourly service fee (in 15 minute

           increments) if we arrive as notified and must wait more than 15 minutes for

           safe and prepared working conditions. 

         - Call the office at least a day in advance if you need to change the services

           provided at the appointment (e.g. adding a lameness exam to your vaccine

           appointment) so that we can schedule enough time for your appointment 

         - Letting the vet or the office know whenever you are dissatisfied so that we

           can strive to better serve you. Please let us know if we have neglected to

           return your call, failed to notify you when running late, or if we have

           otherwise or in any way failed to meet your expectations.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous and call to cancel your appointment at least 1 business day in advance. Be advised that if you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment or emergency when the vet is already enroute or at the premises, there is a cancellation fee equatl to the house call charge. 


Payment is due in full at the time of the appointment.
We accept: 

       - Cash 
       - Checks 
       - Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) 
       - ATM or Debit/Check Cards (Visa or Mastercard branded) 

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